PCG Is the consultant of business and strategic management, we work on the value but important that has every organization: Information and people.

We offer the adequate processing of its information and infrastructure, solutions based on a consultancy and advising with top-level professionals, that provided him adequate and efficient
strategies for the management and administration of its business or institution

We offer services based on the better practices for the consultancy, administration, management. We are suppliers of dependable solutions, built on the base of experience and the
commitment of quality in the service, confidenciabilidad in the management of its information, and an unrestricted principle in the return of its investment.

We are the commercial front of advising and business, offering comprising ours Alliance Strategic of Partners, businesses, products And services specialized for the best development and
positioning of its business or institution. Solutions in themes of organization and processes, administration and security of the information, communications, marketing estrátegico, financial
consultancy, legal counsel applied to the business and backup of infraestrutura and services.

Associates of Alliance - Partnerships

A different proposal for a highly competitive market, plaintiff, and in constant growth, ours tests acquired and developed in Corporations and top-level Businesses now within its reach, of a
form personalized, with very accessible costs and customize to our realities.
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